I'm a writer, which means I write a lot, driven by some masochistic desire to park my ass in front of a computer, tugging my hair out when I'm stuck and creating new worlds from scratch. I mean, even the creator of the universe took seven days to do that, allegedly. Why writers undertake this challenge is beyond me. All I know is, we do, and sometimes we need a little kick in the brain to get us going. I am graduating May, 2013 with a BFA in creative writing from Sierra Nevada College. I've worked as an editorial assistant doing book layout and interior design, and creating postcards and web advertisements for Bona Fide Books and Cherrybomb Books. My goal is to continue in book layout and design and of course, to write. 
Please visit my website for more information at courtneyberti.wix.com/pen-your-brain.

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