Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What do you do when you're not writing?

If you have a tendency to go on writing binges, maybe you've also experienced the dead mind that follows, the mind of someone who has been absorbed in something for so long that possibilities of what else exists outside of the world you are creating do not occur. You're main character is being tortured by the enemy, the world is in danger of exploding into a million pieces, and you have to...take a break? 

Believe me. I sympathize. Today I had the day off and wrote for six straight hours. While most writers would call this admirable, I call this insane only because I suffer a depression of sorts when I am forced to draw myself away. My main character has just discovered she is not human. Her boyfriend, who has exposed her to said inhumanity, is being beat up by his twin brother who is angry at him for telling her their inhuman secrets. She is about to discover something about herself that will change her life forever and I cannot—literally CANNOT—write any more.

So, all whining aside, what do we do when we are not writing? The key is to get your mind off of the intellectual, manic slide its been on and settle it in a nice cozy chair for a while.

Here are some things I like to do:
  • Go out with a friend
  • Go on a walk or a run
  • Watch TV (heaven forbid)
  • Make jewelry or paint (some kind of hobby)
  • Have a drink...or two
  • Mess around in Photoshop
If you have things you like to do in your spare time while your not writing feel free to post them in the comments here. But remember, the real world exists and we all need to nourish the other parts of our mind and our bodies that are there to allow us to be creative. When you end up taking a break, enjoy it and consider it as that time that is necessary to regenerate. (I'm posting a picture of a bracelet I made just to illustrate what the other parts of your brain are capable of, and because it reminds me of elves).

Until next time,

Pen your Brain

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