Monday, March 11, 2013

AWP 2013

The Bell in Hand Tavern, est. 1795,
 is America's Oldest Tavern
This year was my first year attending AWP, the Association of Writers & Writing Programs' annual conference. Basically, thousands of writers and publishers from all over the US and the world converge into one large conference hall in some unfortunate city to talk and learn about writing and publishing. This year's AWP was in Boston, MA. Among the historical landmarks, Fenway Park, little Italy, Paul Revere's house, the oldest bar in the US, and Faneuil Hall, I had endured such an onslaught of information on writing that it was nearly impossible for me to tear my attention away from my book and inner imaginings to appreciate the beauty of the historical city.

This state of mind is difficult to achieve sometimes when one is not among writers and poets who talk about nothing but writing when they are together, so here are some tips that I learned from some pros for when you are stuck.

1: Setting and character are intertwined. If your settings or characters are lacking in depth, remember that the setting shapes the character, especially by having the setting be described through the character's eyes.

2: If you are going to write a sex scene, make sure its necessary. A good sex scene helps shape the characters in the eyes of the reader, helps them grow (no pun intended). The motions and moods should reflect the character's personality.

3: If you are in the middle of a story and you are stuck, you don't necessarily need to step away. A good idea would be to write the character in a different situation or from a different POV as an exercise. If your character is from the eighteenth century and you write him/herself in the middle of the twentieth, how would s/he react? This will help you get a rock solid sense of who your character is.

In the mean time that's all I have, but I'm sure to be back with more tips. In the meantime, Pen Your Brain.

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